Auditioned the AV4 yesterday during Jaben Meet in All Seasons Thamrin and was quite surprised by how far this product has been developed compared to its predecessors. If you have tried Fitear MH334, but looking for a similar and much more afordable alternative, you can always go with this one.

I like how AV4 is tuned for vocal based, mid-paced musics while still retaining proper flow of output and ambience. As most of my playlist consist of swing jazz and Rnb, I just love how AV4 really suits these type of song. Proper output of mid frequency that can pamper your ear effortlessly, especially if you like vocal-based song. I’d say the SQ is more to that of slightly mid-centric based, but with clear output. I played live cafe jazz music (Over the Rainbow – Arne Domnerus), which requires the amount of detail for the surrounding wihtout sacrificing the details and imaging of each instrument; and AV4 delivers just what I want. Yes, it’s not all about vocal-based only and such; but imaging, precision and details as well. Each instrument has great output without getting blended with one another.

Low sector, no problemo. If you feel like having the bass to have power, AV4 can do that for you… with no sweat. I love bass just like everyone do, and AV4 delivers proper punch of sub-bass and mid bass without being overwhelming.

CIEM design wise, I was informed that there are lots of choices for the face plates and more surprise to come in due time :). I’m excited and actually waiting to see more that might just make me consider to purchase one XD.

Yes, I know no CIEM is perfect and I didn’t mention anything about the high sector up until this point. As for me, the treble can be a little bit too aggresive for my ears; not to the point of generating hiss, but still a bit uncomfortable. For instance, when I played a song with losts of crash cymbal or trumpet in high notes, the treble can generate a little bit too much sparkle. But that’s just my preference who can’t stand too much treble. But I do hope the Avara team can tune for a smoother high sector for the future product.

For final verdict I’d say this one is: “Yep, this CIEM pampers your ear alright/10”

I’m excited to see more of Avara. Best of luck to Avara team.