Should I go for Custom or Universal shell, so confused ?

Custom will provide you better confort and sounding, once we do your earmoulds we can “see: where your eardrums are. So we can pinpoint the drivers to your eardrums symmetrically, thus will give you better sensation of sweet spot sounding. But custom will be more difficut to sell, as every ears will be different. If you concern is more to sound quality, custom will be better choice. If your concern is resale value, then universal will be better choice.

How long is the production lead time and where will it be produced ?

Production lead time is 3 working days, starting the moment the earmoulds reach our lab in Surabaya (yes currently we only have 1 lab in Surabaya, but hopefully we can add another 1 in Jakarta). So please do consider on the delivery time of earmoulds to Surabaya, in most cities in Java Island will take up to 3 working days to reach Surabaya.

Why cheap custom ? And how’s the warranty ?

We won’t say it cheap. Affordable is more correct word, as even the price is low. The sound is not ” cheap ‘, and comparable with many higher end ( bigger brands ) IEM. And we want to sell it as affordable products to be able to spread to many customer base.
Warranty 1 year, but please do not abuse your IEM, wear them with pride and handle them with care. It’s delicate products, but in case you’re wondering. Yes they are covered by 1 year worry free warranty for technical defects only ( no false usages, no abusive wears and tears )

Is it true, every Avara Custom is made in Indonesia ?

Yes, we can assure you 100% that every Avara CUstom is hand made in Indonesia ( in Surabaya to be precise ). We are proud to say that finally we are able to bring Indonesian made CIEM which is using state of the art production tools ( the same production tools used by many High End CIEM Manufacturers )

I heard that the production tools cost a fortune ?

Well, the truth is the same cost of buying these production tools. You can buy a midsized house in Surabaya with the same money invested, and properties is much saver investment than CIEM Industry for sure. But nonetheless, this what we dream of for so long time, so here we are, biting our fingers and hoping it would work well.