As an avid audiophile and having involved with earphone retail industry for almost a decade (since 2009) as the founder of Jaben Indonesia, Alvon is really keen to be able to create an extraordinary product line up which people can buy in affordable price. He has been promoting and developing custom in ear monitor market in Indonesia since 2011. Having worked with many major CIEM brands in Indonesia is the plus point for him, as he is learning to understand CIEM industry from scratch and from many major worldwide brands. Experienced in retailing many major brands of headphones and earphones in Indonesia, it helps him to understand what Indonesian people want in term of sound signatures and needs.

Indonesia is a huge potential, and he believes that Indonesian people are able to produce world class product in Indonesia as well (including CIEM).  His main goal is to be able to create world class product in Indonesia and market them for Indonesian market at affordable price (so every Indonesian people have a chance to enjoy world class CIEM without having to spend a fortune). Avara Custom is founded by this goal in mind.

Since day 1 Avara Custom started, he has driven his passion to direct Avara Custom to be the best CIEM manufacturer in Indonesia. He would love to hear from you, do drop him an email at or WA at +62812-3000-2005 for any questions regarding CIEM world.


What is your current favorite portable system that you mostly used daily?

Aside of using my favorite Iphone 6s + Chord Mojo + Fitear MH334, I recently added Questyle QP-2R as my DAP for more serious listening sessions.

Who is your inspirations in CIEM world and why?

I’m really putting my utmost respect to Keita Suyama (Fitear founder)….I think he is the most perfectionist person and strive to really put his heart and soul into his product. Being perfectionist and able to put all of my heart and soul into a product is the valuable lesson learnt from Suyama San.

Vitaly from 64Audio is the other person which I’m really inspired with. How he changed his family life and stay humbled even after reaching this level of life is what inspired me the most. He shared some tips during early stage of Avara Custom, and I’m forever grateful for his working tips….Avara Custom would not be here today without his working tips on the early stage.

How do you see Avara Custom in the future?

I really hope that Avara Custom can be accepted by Indonesian market well, and I will keep trying to provide best products at the most affordable prices. I always believe Indonesia is a big market….and I really hope that Avara can be a national pride….A world class CIEM which is produced by Indonesian and for Indonesian…:D

Which Avara line up is your favorite and why?

Avara Custom AV3 is my current favorite…..I used to wear Westone UM2 and UM3x during my college years (my friends thought I was crazy spending 400 SGD++ just for earphones only). I spend my days and nights listening to many tunes on my Ipod Video 5.5th gen 30gb. Avara Custom AV3 sound brings back the sweet old memories of my college years (it reminds me a lot on Westone UM3x / UM30Pro sound). And aside of the sweet old memories, objectively speaking, Avara Custom AV3 is the most fun and all rounder for many music genres (usable on stage as well).

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