Avara AV6

Avara AV6

$ 680

Our top of the line CIEM, with easy to enjoy sound signature and deep impactful bass character.



Avara AV6 is Custom in Ear Monitor with 6 Balance Armature Drivers. Avara AV6 is our top of the line CIEM, expertly built for the most demanding users. Avara AV6 delivers easy to enjoy sound signature, good details and low impactful bass with added ultra low freq response. Avara AV6 is good for people seeking the ultimate easy to enjoy IEM with deep and impactful bass. It performs well for live on stage performance and for daily use.

Technical Spec :

  • Six precision balanced armature drivers with true crossover
  • Six Drivers : dual low, dual mid, dual high
  • Input Connector : 1/8” (3.5mm), Gold Plated
  • Triple bore design
  • Available on custom shells or universal shells (Small size and large shells)