Okay, i will tell my honest testimony for this low n worth it budget CIEM
A lot of my oversea friends really curious about this cheap CIEM
First, the price may be cheap but avara team giving alot effort for it.
Friendly service , time and product quality still top tier for 71 usd ciem (about 1.000.000 IDR)
Avara team also giving guaranteed for CIEM fitting if your avara still not comfy in your ear, just in my case, my left avle1 not fit to my ear, just ask for refitting to the store, they will help it as soon as possible (but mostly i redesign my AVLE’s faceplate :p )
Second, about sound quality
Well , the SQ really fun , not really best but also not really bad . Only can say that because avle1 mostly fair balance SQ
Bass , vocal , treble really balanced. Testing it with my old Sony Discman (D-11) and Panasonic SL-J900 they will have different signature. imo, avle1 morelike flat for me.
I also testing with my razerphone, its really nice too , not using dolby atmos things the sound still fair enough. I can get enough vocal and clear sound stage
It was fun CIEM if you have some extra 2pin cable / DAP / DAC combo
Third, the last one, do you need to upgrade avle1 to av2/avle2?
Depend on your taste, if you already satisfied with avle1 build, imo u should not test av2 or above
why? they have different SQ and maybe you will think to buy other AV .
Maybe i should buy AV2 because i need to listen vocalgasm in my playlist, but my playlist still electro music things xD

if you really want have some cheap also great CIEM, just try AVLE1