Avara EST-6

Avara EST-6

$ 1.100

The best Avara we have ever created, for the most demanding audiophile.



Avara EST-6 is Custom in Ear Monitor with 2 Electrostatic Drivers and 4 Balance Armature Drivers. Avara EST-6 is our best Avara we have ever created. It is our top of the line CIEM, expertly built for the most demanding audiophile users. Avara EST-6 delivers super accurate instrument separation, crystal clear micro details (without being harsh or over bright), smooth vocality with accurate and natural bass character. Avara EST-6 is good for people seeking superb micro details and accurate instrument separation. It performs well for daily use or even for accurate listening session.

Technical Spec :

  • Two electrostatic drivers and four precision balanced armature drivers with true crossover
  • Six Drivers : dual electrostatic high, single mid-high, single mid-low, dual low
  • Input Connector : 1/8” (3.5mm), Gold Plated
  • Triple bore design
  • Available on custom shells or universal shells (Small size and large shells)